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Climate & Policy Communications

Specializing in climate and environmental policy, energy, the net-zero transition, and the clean economy, I big ideas done. I help governments, academia and civil society navigate complex and shifting landscapes by arming them with impactful communications strategies and work plans.

In Canada, South Africa and beyond, I build team capacity, cultivate collaborations, lead website design, rebranding, craft press releases, and manage media relations all with an eye on the bigger picture.

Previous leadership roles include Director of Communications at The Transition Accelerator, Director of Communications at the Global Parenting Initiative, Director of Communications at McGill University's Max Bell School of Public Policy, and Director of Communications at the African Climate & Development Initiative.


Here's what I do best:


Crisp, actionable strategies and the work plans to implement them.

Storytelling and social media

Carefully crafted unique videos and writing that capture exactly what you want to say.

MEDIA TRAINING & Press releases

Make sure you and your team are prepared with key messaging.

marketing and design

Strategies to reach your audience and make your website shine.


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