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Bloom and Doom
Flower scans from the scraps of nature in Montreal.


Tales from the Bottom of the Garden

A look on the secrets of South African garden suburbs.


Wild Water and Cape Town's Drought

The drought awakened something ancient, something that scratches in the back of the mind about there not being enough.


Pancake ice at the end of the world
See the video accompanying the exhibition 'we came at a time'.

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The Polar Bear

An illustrated story about encounters with polar bears from Johannesburg Zoo to the Arctic.

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Remembrance of Lost Species Workshop

Making art with children about extinctions great and small at the Redpath Museum.

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we came at a time

Paintings made in melted Antarctic sea ice.


Scientists turn to Antarctica for answers to global warming

Read about the exhibition in the Sunday Times.

Katrine Claassens Wild water.png

Wild water

A video reflection on our changing relationship with water.


Photographs: The Marginal Ice Zone of Antarctica

Photographs of from the 2017 Cape Agulhas II Winter Research Cruise.


Interview on the Enviro Show

Talking about painting in Antarctica.


Visually Communicating Climate Change
A master's thesis on how the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change visualises climate change.

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