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The Golden Miniatures series is a body of work inspired by a photograph I saw of a grave for circus animals. It depicts the tombstone of circus ponies and a zebra who tragically died in fire at Chessington Circus (U.K) on 29th September 1935.


The location of this stone and the grave is not recorded and its whereabouts now is sadly unknown. I was moved by the words engraved upon it: ‘Buried here/Circus ponies Victor, Prince, Nancy, Rosie and Squibs/ Also Zebra Charlie/Burnt in the fire/ Sept 29th 1935/ We think they must have souls"


Since 2011 most of these tiny paintings on gold leaf have depicted the escape of circus animals. I find some kind of solace painting these animals into the wilderness where they can find joy and a new life.


Follow @golden_miniatures on instagram to get updates about when works become available and to join the waiting list. All works shown here are sold.

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